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ManKind Reviews UK & Buyer’s Guide

At Mankind, they’re set on making grooming an annoying free, satisfying experience to help you give your desired look with a great feeling.

As men, reaching a subject at a department store counter, can be an intimidating impression, and in this fast-going world we live in, it’s not always easy to get the required time. So they have brought grooming solutions to their followers, so that one can directly read up on his need, identify his needs and find the right tools for the job.

Mankind encircles the modern man; the man that isn’t scared to take care of himself, and is even less afraid to show it. They have collections containing everything from extremely good hair formulas to some of the best skin care products around, so that you can play to your body, hair and shaving irritations – or even strike some daily bases needs – from the comfort of your own home.

With all the diversity and options of a super store at your fingertips, you’re free to nibble hundreds of men’s grooming products morning, noon or night. Mankind is the amazing way to top up your bathroom cabinet or bed head table with the fresh in skin care, hair care and beard grooming formulas without a single burden.

1. Aesop Equalising Shampoo 500ml

Remove oily scalps with Aesop Equalising Shampoo. Living and working in a busy city can badly affect our hair; dirt and oil build up all over the day and build up around their roots and can cause bunches of problems, yet an oily and itchy scalp. working to the worst dull, shiny strands, the brand’s balancing treatment act on the scalp directly and removes the hair of any unwanted pollution remaining on your locks.

The soft formula removes excess sebum oil without causing irritation or drying out the lengths of the hair. As well as being a pure treatment for the scalp, Aesop’s restorative shampoo leaves locks soft, shiny and full of life.

How to use it.

Three to five times weekly, early to shampooing, brush dry hair to lessen dirt and disentangle. Wet hair thoroughly, pour product into hands, then gently rub and massage in roots. Wash off thoroughly. 

2. Baxter of California Clay Hair Pomade 60ml

This unique pomade is a combination of natural clay and wax which gives hair hold and consistency. Best for all hair types it leaves hair with a matt look. Contains Beeswax, Glycerin, Citrus Lemon Peel Oil, Fennel Oil and Sage Oil.

  • Gives hair volume 
  • Enhances consistency
  • Leaves hair with matte look

3. Thickening Tonic 150ml

The Thickening Tonic from has a compact gel formula to add definition and increase volume. change slack or flat hair and improve thickness for a voluminous hair style with a matte look. The spray enables you to carve and experiment to design your desired hair style and provide a long lasting hold. E.N.

Directions for use: Spray the tonic into wet or dry hair, slowly building more layers for a thick effect.

4. KORRES Natural Men’s Magnesium and Wheat Protein Toning and Hair Strengthening Shampoo 250ml

Coldly certified to help prevent hair loss and to boost hair strength. The multi-mineral blend of Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese and Zinc works to put back energy to scalp cells thus protecting fragile hair, from root to end. At the same time, pro vitamin B5 intensifies hair body and decreases the rate of splitting. Rice and Wheat proteins unusually help in  elasticity and protect the hair from breaking.

  • Prevents hair loss
  • Strengthens the hair
  • Reduces the rate of splitting

5. Nanogen Thickening Treatment Shampoo for Men

Prepared particularly for slim or fine hair, this Thickening Treatment Shampoo for Men by Nanogen is a creative, deeply nourishing shampoo which works to give your hair a thicker look and feel. improved with redensifying Amino Acids and cleanse Salicylic Acid to give your locks more volume from the first wash, your hair will gain a deep, nourishing cleanse that will pull out your feeling and smelling fresh. K.D.

  • Enhanced with Amino Acids and Salicylic Acid
  • Gives hair more body and volume
  • Formulated with a fine fragrance 

 6. American Crew Fiber (85g)

Fiber has grown a cult backing amongst executive hair stylists. It gives a tremendous matt texture without grease. Use modern chopped and textured styles to get a matt natural look that’s both fashionable and sexy.

  • Gives stunning matt texture
  • Gives a real look
  • Provides total control and flexibility

7. Murdock London Sea Salt Spray 150ml

Put-on texture and volume to your style with the Murdock London Sea Salt Spray.

The texturising drizzle is any barbers’ first step for good style. Enhanced with Sea Salt, the styling spray creates body and touch capability with a matte look, authorizing you to Put-on definition and figure to your hair. Use alone on wet or dry hair, or with a hair tin for a more defined look. permeate with natural oils and takeout to create a refreshing scent.

Free from parabens, sulphates, PEGs, phthalates and synthetic dyes.

8. Christophe Robin Cleansing Thickening Paste with Pure Rassoul Clay and Tahitian Algae (250ml)

Serve fine or thinning hair to the Christophe Robin Cleansing Thickening Paste; a densifying shampoo evolved especially for men.

Powered by Pure Rassoul Clay and Tahitian Algae, the mineral-rich formula gently removes pollution from the scalp, whilst helping to conserve the spirit of hair follicles for a powerful, thicker looking head of hair.

With a special paste texture that changes into an airy foam upon touch with water, the innovative shampoo adds weightless body and definition to thin hair for a thick, fuller arrival. Hair feels top-up and renews with a scent of rich Wood and warming Amber accords.

95% natural-origin ingredients.

Free from parabens, silicones, SLS and colourants.

9. Beard Trimmers

Beard Trimmers are the necessary tool for forming, styling, and controlling facial hair, whatever length your beard is. flawless both for styling and keep up designer stalk, and for set out and designing shape when you have a full beard. Turn up our range of beard trimmers on Mankind, including products from the brands that barbers love such as WahlBraunBaByliss, and Philips. 

10. Beard Shampoo

 Beard shampoos are an important addition to your beard care authority. Growing a beard can be tough at times, but with a proper beard shampoo at your disposal, you can make sure your facial hair is clean, soft, strong and feels fresh. Formulated in a diversity of ways, beard shampoos will typically carry fewer cleansing agents than most shampoos your used to, which means the skin under your beard will not be annoying. Helping to fight beard dandruff, as well as softly cleaning away any dirt and hormone from the facial hair, your beard will feel stronger, healthier and fresher from day one of use.

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