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Huda Beauty Reviews UK – Buyer’s Guide

Huda Beauty is a cosmetics brand initiated in 2013 by Iraqi-American businesswoman and makeup artist, Huda Kattan. The originator of the brand “Kattan” soon got selected as one of the “The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet” by Time in 2017, got rank in one of The wealthiest Self-Made Women and one of the Top Three Beauty Influencers by Forbes. In the duratíon of 5 years, the brand has created positive fame on many of its products, such as 

  • Fake Eyelashes Series.
  • A collection of Foundation.
  • Eyeshadow. 
  • Lip Gloss.

Huda Beauty has reached more than 4 million subscribers on YouTube and is the number one account on the Instagram Beauty category in the world, with more than 40 million followers. The “Kattan’s”  are leading their channel with contents regarding beauty tutorials and products using reviews: Kattan shares makeup skills, skincare habits, and personal recommended beauty products from various brands. Huda Beauty offers more than 140 products online or in-market. 

Huda Beauty has introduced a wide range of products, which include lipstick collections, combined palettes like highlighter and contour, false lashes, and a collaborative product with Tweezerman. 

The Samantha Lashes #7, since launch, has been ranked as one of best selling and highly reviewed lash products. The cost of Huda Beauty’s products has been broadly observed as valet-friendly compared to similar products that sharing related markets. However, among blog-to-brand beauty brands, that created by YouTubers or Instagram bloggers the cost of Huda Beauty’s products are relatively high. Bloggers mostly launch beauty products what they set a price a bit lower than the ordinary market price, as their brand names and quality usually have not been tested through time. 

1) Huda Beauty The New Nude Shadow Pale – Huda Beauty Reviews

Creating another nude so you can endure it like a new sensation. The New Nude Palette by Huda Beauty is adaptable and applicable in all measure. Transmitting endless options, stunning palette enables you to experiment, empower and portray yourself however you please. The new all-in-one eyeshadow palette contains 18 rich pigmented shades, varying from priding mattes to shimmer shades, and has everything you need to modify your eye lids. The sensitively prepared lineup is covered with easy-to-use collections – starting from soft berry to dusty copper, and rosy pink to golden taupe pigment.

The New Nude Palette shows off a diversity of game-changing complexions and pigments finally equalizing cool and soft tones to fill out the best of both worlds. The New Nude Palette includes Ten rich Pigmented Matte Eyeshadows, prepared with the addition of Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil for smooth application; Four Reflective Shades, emphasizing intense pearl streaks for a gorgeous duo-chromatic finish; Two Glittery pigments, infused with creative silicone for smart adherence, pigment diffusion and reflection; One Pressed Pearl combined with Acacia, Jojoba and Sunflower Wax for a long-shimmer finish that layers easily on top of mattes, adding dreamy charm and dimension; One Concealer for perfect application, and to boost eyeshadow intensity.  Favorable for all skin types. aroma-free Huda Beauty a completely cruelty-free brand; the company, employees and suppliers do not test on animals.


Concealer Base:

  • Conceal your eyelids with concealer base
  • Ultimately, apply to overshadow to make crease prominent, create a cut crease or amplify shadows and glitters of can also be used to enhance eyebrows

Matte Eye Shadows:

Apply and blend smoothly with your favourite brushes.

Multi Reflecting Shades:

For a slight light-diffusing look it will be best to blend with matte pigments.

2) Huda Beauty Matte And Metal Melted Eye Shadow Reviews

A dual door liquid shadow consist of a rich, silky matte combination on one opening, and finishing over the top shimmery on the other. The inventive Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Melted Liquid Shadows bring universal colors and finish blends that develop gorgeous looks within one swipe. 

Formulated to be layered or expended on their own, the dual-opening Matte & Metal shadows Matte offers rich pigmentation, deep shimmer, blendability and adherence – the shadows stay spot for up to 12 hours! The velvety-smooth matte shadows offer a richly sprinkled colour pigment that is both easy to blend and build by finger or using a brush.

 The powder compact carries oil absorbing properties that support to keep the product in spot extended without crinkling or fading. The metal shadows contain rapid-dry properties to a high-class glitter formula assuring a smudge-proof, glowing and shining finish. Handy and easy to apply, the paint brush-like applicator enables for detailed application to control the glitter vigor and is perfect for liner looks. The metallic formula dry down quickly to secure your eyeshadow look. Taking motivation from the “glitterati” for the shade names, Huda Beauty has named each shadow after the glamourous lives of trendy A-rankers. The Matte & Metal Melted Shadows gives easy to live your best, most glamourous life, all day, and thus be part of the “Glamouratti”. The new shades splash on the different strategies of that glamourous, successful women get up to in their additional time .

3) Huda Beauty Tantour Contour And Bronzer Cream Reviews

This intensely pigmented cream plus bronzer, bronzer gives you a real bronzed look or a glorious contour as you layer and create. Tantour combines a balance of shadow and warmth, for a bright, matte glow that will never fade. Blending effectively, the long-lasting formula is both water and sweat reluctant.

Huda Beauty encourages you to flirt with the numerous shades, to give you the desired result you’re looking for! If you’re seeking for an intense or soft contour, try with something a bit soft and lighter. For a more stunning effect, try something a bit thicker.

4) Huda Beauty Life Eye Liner Reviews

Staying up for more than 48 hours, the Huda beauty life eyeliner formula slides softly and dries to a black matte finish very fast. The brush pointer conveys the perfect amount of formula and absolute accuracy. The unique pencil formula stays settle for more than 8 hours and provides the excellent harmony between a creamy, easy-slide and structured application, giving you a great playtime and exactness to finish your look. Now you can invent any look imaginable on all eye shapes, from a thin line to a bold glorious hit.

5) Huda Beauty Power Bullet Matte Lipstick Reviews

A highly pigmented matte lipstick with the unpredictable colour returns, for incredible pride. Huda Beauty Power Bullet Matte Lipstick combines unequal pigmentation with amazing comfort that was formulated to inflate every skin complexion. 

Having high-pigmentation at the bottom of its manufacturing, each shade was prepared with a custom formula that provides good texture, full-coverage application. The luxury matte formula is full with moisturizing sweet almond oil that enables the color to glide on easily, without dodging or dragging, and leaves lips feeling hydrated and soft all day .

6) Huda Beauty Multi Retrograde Eye Shadow Palette Reviews

The Multi Retrograde Eye Shadow Palette By Huda Beauty is a commissariat palette replenished with easy-to-use contrasting pigments from dusty coppers, rosy pinks, golden taupe tones with bangs of purple and blue. The palette captions a heavenly combination of impulsive dreamy shades, equalizing calm and hot complexions to fill out the best of the universe. Offering 9 buttery mattes, 6 -shine creamy metallic moistened with sparkling pearls, 1 shimmer powder filled with glass pearls and silver glitters and 2 zag multi reflective shadows for an outstanding glow.

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